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NFT  FOIFOI – a Japanese NFT Analytics Community managed by N2M Inc. announced their partnership with Byterum Korea  to strengthen their presence in Japan and to empower the Japanese NFT community .

Background of Partnership

NFT FOIFOI was founded by N2M aiming to support the Japanese NFT community by offering a place and environment for the community to obtain, discuss and analyze domestic and international NFT projects. They have been exploring different NFT data aggregation and analytics platforms to better understand the projects. NFTGo has also been putting effort into reaching the Japanese community through adding Japanese to their website and platform.

With this partnership, the Japanese community is expected to gain better insight and grow through the collaboration with NFTGo, while NFTGo expand their presence in Japan.


■ About Byterum Korea / NFTGo is a data aggregation platform for Web 3.0, NFT, and gaming communities. Our mission is to make the process of finding accurate data and insights regarding NFTs effortless and accessible for our users.

As the best all-in-one NFT data analytics platform, we take pride in building a set of tools that empowers users with actionable insights on their next move in the NFT marketplace, from finding the next blue chip collection to evaluating the actual value of NFT assets.


■ About N2M / NFT FOIFOI

N2M Inc. stands for NFT to Market. N2M supports Go-to-Market strategies that incorporate Web3.0 technology and assists international projects to enter the Japanese market. With a diverse team and partnerships, N2M provides solutions for marketing, business development, branding, and many other areas.