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N2M Inc. has started a NFT analytics community “NFT FOIFOI” in collaboration with Meta Heroes.

Background of Partnership

Within the NFT industry many “rug-pull” NFT projects exist where with the intention of draining all funds from investors, project developers lure in early investors then to abandon the project by either leaving with the project funds or selling off their pre-mined holdings. In the Japanese community, there was not a place where community members can gather to discuss which projects may be the next blue chip NFT. At NFT FOIFOI, we aim to provide a place for people to exchange information. The concept of the community is included in the name FOI (Freedom of Information). The mission of NFT FOIFOI is to overcome the language barrier and to create a strong NFT analyzing community.

Another aspect of this community is to bridge the gap between the NFT arts/gaming community with NFT investment community. Liquidity and trading volume is an important aspects when it comes to maintaining the floor price of the arts/gaming projects. By fostering the NFT analysis community NFT FOIFOI aims to add liquidity to the market and support the arts/gaming projects in a larger picture.

Lastly N2M provides information and relations from international projects and platforms to the community with language support, aiming for the community to be exposed to the most up-to-date industry information.


N2M holds the responsibility to create relationships with international projects and platforms while Meta Heroes conduct the community growth and provide analytic insight as marketing specialists.


What NFT FOIFOI Offers

The ultimate goal of NFT FOIFOI is to grow the NFT trading community in Japan by analyzing NFT projects while partnering with various NFT trading and sniping platforms. In collaboration with NFT projects, community anticipates to educate itself with information from outside of their own community, staying alert with malicious scams, and to grow the NFT community as a whole.