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Hong Kong Based NFT Start-up Entering Japanese Market | N2M & VMeta Partnership

N2M Inc.  (a Japanese start-up supporting NFT (Non-Fungible Tokens) enablements and Web3.0 overseas companies to enter the Japanese market) announced their exclusive partnership with VMeta (a Hong Kong-based start-up that offers NFT trading and NFT market analysis platform) regarding entering the Japanese market. With this partnership, VMeta starts its beta version service for the Japanese market.


N2M Inc. offers consulting work for Japanese companies to implement NFTs into their businesses, in addition to supporting international Web3.0 projects to enter the Japanese market.  While working internationally,  N2M strives to collect the most up-to-date Web3.0 information to provide quality consulting services. By bringing international projects into the Japanese market, N2M contributes to activating the Web3.0 market in Japan and educating the Japanese industry. 

Background of Partnership

The NFT trading platform provided by VMeta is the first of its kind in Asia. The platform offers inclusive functions from numeric data analysis to trading NFTs on the platform. The platform creation team consists of specialists who have been working closely to utilize mass data analysis for business solutions. The team takes data offered from marketplaces and implements them into the platform, making it possible to offer useful data and indexes for NFT trading. The platform currently uses data only from OpenSea. However, they plan to expand their data sources to other marketplaces.

*VMeta is supported by the Hong Kong government-run incubation center Cyberport (Website:, and a Hong Kong Venture Capital – Betatron Venture Group (Website: 

What is NFT Trading?

NFT art started gaining popularity as an investment when pieces like Beeple’s “Everydays – The First 5000 Days” sold for $69 million. Many collectors are investing in NFT art like they collect traditional art as a long-term investment. 

NFT trading is a short-term investment like exchange trading creating a profit by buying and selling NFTs in short periods. Most NFTs are sold at a lower price initially. As projects and artists conduct marketing, gaining popularity in the NFT community, and sometimes getting noticed by celebrities pushes the price up in a couple of days. Purchasing and selling NFTs for profit is called Flipping. This style of short-term investment is gaining popularity around the world.