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Strengthening Business Development in Web. 3.0 | N2M partners with MetaHeroes

N2M Inc.  (a Japanese start-up supporting NFT (Non-Fungible Tokens) enablements and Web3.0 overseas companies to enter the Japanese market) announced their partnership with Meta Heroes to strengthen their service to support international businesses to enter the Japanese market. 


Background of Partnership

Aiming to provide world-class service specializing in localization for the Japanese market, N2M partners with Meta Heroes which produces metaverse and NFT products. The key to  success of Web 3.0 products is to create communities around them. This requires specific localization in order for communities to grow. With this partnership, connecting the international knowledge and community marketing strategies will aid in creating buzz worthy products and services that the Japanese market prefers.



About Meta Heroes

Meta Heros was founded around specialist of metaverse, blockchain and influencer marketing teams. Meta Heroes offers services and marketing strategies that continues to adapt to the fast changing technology of Web 3.0. Meta Heroes is a Japan based start-up that continues to provide new opportunities in the metaverse market.